2013-03-07 20:15:20 by ZatomaruPanda

this is my new newgounds :D


2013-02-16 09:50:12 by ZatomaruPanda

where the fuck have I been? what the fuck is a newgrounds?! :3

I need your halp!

2012-10-11 03:16:11 by ZatomaruPanda

I am currently making videos for youtube and I need all the traffic I can get!
so please if you like video games or know someone who does check out or show
that person my channel!

I need an audience! I want to play for the people and so far I am just going off of my personal favorites until I get one

Video Games

2012-10-03 00:34:33 by ZatomaruPanda

Yea that's right at first it was just me fucking around with Super Mario Bros. and Punch-Out
but after thinking I am actually gonna make this a gameplay channel and so far my lets fails are on there. Once I get more viewers and an audience I'll start doing some let's plays and letting the people decide what they want.
So please share me to people, like my videos, sub me anything to get me started in my career to becoming an epic game commentator.

also I have 2 ideas for Halloween flashes I will try to have out by the 31st, a Game and a Movie.

Follow me on twitter updates and what not.

That is all!! :D
Super Mario Bros
PunchOut (2 Parts has Annotation)

Calling All 8Bit/Nes Style Music Lovers

2012-09-18 00:50:17 by ZatomaruPanda

I have a couple loops that I made and I need some serious critique from some retro gamers whether or not if the songs are any good and if you could see them in a 8bit game. What could be better? Is the sound authentic enough?

1. Spirit of Will

2. Head in the Clouds

If you could check them out, rate and comment that would be nice and help me as to what I need to do better or if I need to stop trying to make chiptune altogether!

Serious Time

2012-09-07 01:20:10 by ZatomaruPanda

So tomorrow is Friday and since I'ma nobody who only has friends on facebook and twitter .
I decided to get serious tomorrow and actually work on some content for this site.
I plan on doing some drawings, some songs and probably work on one of the many
game ideas I have jotted down in a notebook.

As for a flash cartoon well I need to write a script for that shit...
So yea!!
Serious time

New Newgrounds

2012-08-24 17:32:21 by ZatomaruPanda

Hi peoples my name is Darin I am here to bring you flash games and music, MAYBE some animation. Dunno how thats gonna work out but yea. My old account is Sacredbloodshed there isn't anything on there you want to see and I hope and pray I won't abandon this account like the other one.

So yea